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Cloud computing is radically transforming the information technology landscape the world over as a growing number of companies use the cloud to streamline processes, gain visibility and reduce costs.

The rapid adoption of cloud computing can be attributed to a latent need in both the end user organizations as well as the IT industry for a delivery mechanism that is global, scalable and elastic, with equally elastic expense outlays. Improved agility, reduced CAPEX and OPEX, faster time to market, among others, are just some of the business benefits experienced by organizations moving to the cloud.

Why Aisling

Aisling has extensive experience in several cloud technologies including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).


For a number of companies using Microsoft’s Azure cloud is a logical extension of their engagement with Microsoft technologies such as MS Office, SharePoint and Windows Servers. According to the Gartner report of May, 2015, Azure is the #2 ranked provider of Cloud Services and Infrastructure. Iris has developed applications with Web Roles and Worker Roles using both Cloud VMS and Services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is the #1 ranked provider of Cloud Services and Infrastructure. Amazon has provided more computing capacity to its customers than the remaining cloud providers combined. Iris has developed a variety of Web Applications using AWS.